Women Warriors Campaign

In the service of the brave women who fall through the cracks of the support systems that are in place for our Veterans.

Why We Are Needed

Concerning trends in Veteran increased suicide rates among women as compared to men.

It is estimated that 2 percent of all women veterans and 13-15 percent of them living in poverty experience homelessness for over a year.

Veteran women are more than three times as likely as non-veteran women to live in poverty and experience homelessness.

The National Veterans Foundation had reported “Even though the current percentage of United States Veterans that are women is 10 percent, female veterans are often overlooked. These brave women tend to fall through the cracks of the support systems that we have put in place for our veterans. The support system for veterans was designed by and is still dominated by men. The mental, physical, and military service needs of women are often very different from those of male veterans.”

Our Service to Female Veterans in need

  • Engage in One-on-One Interaction
  • Provide Essential Support
  • Offer Self-Sufficiency Tools

Profound Lasting Differences Made

  • Empowered Self-Worth
  • Bolstered Health and Wellness
  • Revitalized Self-Dependence
  • Enhanced Quality of Life

Compounding the Good

The healthy state of mind, body, and spirit of our women Veterans increases their ability to be more involved in the wellbeing of other Veterans as well as being positive contributors to their communities and society.

United Relief Foundation

United In Service

The United Relief Foundation welcomes the National Women Veterans United as a Hope and Help Partner. The NWVU is a 501(c)(3) organization consisting of a network of women veterans with a history of past and/or present service in the United States Armed Forces. [NWVU.org]